Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal with Soprano Ice at Solei Med Spa

I haven’t written a blog post in a loooong time. This has been a year many would like to quickly forget. First COVID-19 took center stage, then just as we began to gain hope, the death of George Floyd took the nation–and the world–by storm.

So it hasn’t really felt appropriate to share pictures of me in cute hats or even chat about my laser hair removal experience that had me on top of the world. But if you are like me, you are reading this because you obsess about things and are researching whether it’s right for you or worth your investment. So even though it’s a little awkard to write about, I figured I’ll share my experience with you all!

Let me give you the rundown! I never considered laser hair removal because I knew a friend in college who had it done and emphasized the discomfort and unattractive appearance of the process. According to her, not only did it hurt like a mother, but it resulted in a scab-like appearance for weeks as it heeled. Lovely vision, right?

When I first heard about Soprano Ice being “painless,” I figured it was like the “painless” (lies) I had heard of less modern lasers. “It’s just like tiny rubber bands being snapped against your skin! No big deal!” Well, if you aren’t familiar with a Brazilian Bikini wax, go ahead and google it and tell me if you want rubber bands snapping ANYWHERE against that region! Denied!

A “Brazilian” (wax or laser treatment) cleans up the bikini area, front and back, to the extent you desire. Some people like to leave a “landing strip,” (did I just write those words??) but it’s totally up to your preference.

I booked my experience at a local Dallas spa called Solei Med Spa with a magnificent practitioner named, Pamela Costa. Pamela is, ironically, Brazilian! I guess you should go the source! Pamela was extremely patient with my 1,243,686 questions I presented her over the phone, and she instantly made me feel confident with my decision and excited!

What Happens during the First Appointment?

When I first arrived, Pamela immediately made me feel at ease. The spa was immaculate and sanitary. She first developed a road map of my expectations for my first and future appointments. In my situation, I purchased a set of 6 appointments. She explained that the first appointment would blow my socks off and the future appointments will be a more gradual experience. The subsequent appointments are necessary because hair grows in stages. The staggering of visits ensures that all follicles are addressed, regardless of it’s placement in said “stages.” She mentioned that in some situations, people would prefer to have one or two “touch-up” appointments that will finally seal the deal, but that depends on the treatment area and hair composition of the person.

What Can I Expect during the Procedure?

The night before your appointment, you shave the area to be treated with a brand new razor exactly how you prefer it look after the treatment is complete . When you arrive, you change into whatever you need to properly expose the area to treated. Hint: if it’s your armpits, for example, try to go sleeveless, etc. It just makes life easier!

Next, the technician wipes the area clean and removes any deodorant or lotion. A cool gel is applied and the area is lasered. Your technician finally offers aloe vera for you to apply generously to soothe the skin, and you are asked to not apply intense heat, soap, or exfoliation to the area for 24 hours!

It’s that easy!

Does it Hurt?

Guys, IT DOES NOT!! And I SWEAR I’d never steer you wrong. I’m all in for a tough workout, but I draw “pain for beauty” line pretty much right there.

What does it Feel Like?

You will feel warmth and then a cooling sensation. At first, I was instinctively fearing that the warmth would exponentially increase, getting warmer and warmer and then lead to pain, but it doesn’t! The only sensitivity I felt was because I had freshly shaven skin, and so it was slightly sensitive to the touch.

Am I Happy I Did it?

A MILLION TIMES YES!! I began this post back in June and then had quite the crazy few months. I broke my ankle in three places and had surgery, then ten days later I had an emergency appendectomy. Not worrying about being a wildebeest was one of my only saving graces! My only regret was I hadn’t done it yet for my legs or underarms! Here we are in August, and I can’t WAIT to go back for my third treatment.

The bottom line is I can’t believe a treatment of this comfort level with an efficacy like this exists. I have a strong suspicion I’ll be going back for MANY other areas because this is the ultimate way to TREAT YOURSELF!

Please let me know if you have any questions because I’d love to take away any anxiety you might have about the procedure. Let me know make this decision easier on you than it was for me! It’s a no brainer!

Special Note: COVID-19 Precautions

My first appointment was pre-COVID and my subsequent visits occurred after differing tiers of shut-downs and precautions. Everyone has to approach re-entering the real world at their own comfort, but my experience at Solei Med Spa during COVID was extremely reassuring. Not only do they ensure each customer and staff member is wearing a mask, but they also take the temperature of each customer entering the building, they ensure all customers and staff members wash their hands and use hand sanitizer regularly, and they disinfect the rooms/stations after each customer. For more detailed info on how Soleil Med Spa is doing it, check out their “COVID-19 Procedures.”



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